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The Hapi - Gro Organic Pine Bark Mulch is an all natural material that is used for plants. It can effectively hold moisture and act as a temperature barrier for both cold and hot conditions. While this mulch helps the ground and nearby plants, it also keeps the weeds at bay. This Organic Pine Bark Mulch features large pine barks, this type of mulch can last for years. It's also great for weed control, soil retention and erosion control and can also be a colorful decoration to any garden or any landscape setting. Using pine bark mulch as decor is purely based on aesthetics. Product comes in 3 cu. ft. bag.

Features and Specs
For use in Prevent erosion, provide weed control and hold moisture on any garden, lawn and other landscape
Application For effective weed control around plants, pine bark mulch can be layered 2-3 inches deep in the garden
For other applications, it can be scattered around trees and plants
Dimensions 21.00 x 36.00 x 7.00
Coverage Area 3 cu. ft.
Color Pink or reddish brown
Shipping Weight 62.90 lbs
Manufacturer HOPE AGRI PRODUCTS, INC (Mfg. Number: PM03H)
UPC 023077001053

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