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Description & Benefits

U-7™ is an easy-to-feed Vitamin/Herbal blend that helps promote a healthy equine digestive system including the foregut and hindgut. On the market for over 20 years with over 20 million servings and NO known side effects.

Our highly-palatable U-7™ Gastric Aid contains natural active ingredients that promote a healthy digestive tract. It helps eliminate undigested grains, maintain proper weight, reduce runny manure, increase coat quality, get rid of cinchy behavior, maintain a calm stomach and essentially keep your horse performing at its best!


U7 has the following benefits for your horse:

  • ​​Over 20 years on the market with over 20 million servings and no known side effects
  • Works in the hind gut AND foregut.
  • Clinically Studied
  • Natural Active Ingredients
  • Guaranteed to work or your money back

U-7™ Gastric Aid is the only digestive supplement you need. Feed daily to experience all of the amazing benefits without interruptions! 

Clinically studied by the highly respected Dr. Scott McClure


Active Ingredients
per fluid ounces

Ascorbic Acid    …440mg MSM       …280mg
Apple Pectin      … 56mg Brewers Yeast      … 28mg
Grape Seed Extract       …18mg Zinc Gluconate       …5mg

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