Brown’s® Natural Timothy Hay Bale


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Open the bag and smell the sweet aroma of Brown’s® western-cut timothy hay. This clean, natural scent is your assurance of top quality and freshness, captured straight from the timothy hay fields and harvested at the peak of maturity. Timothy hay is an excellent source of the high fiber and roughage that small mammals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas require in their diets.

What’s more, our double-compression process is much like vacuum packing. By eliminating most of the air, hay stays fresh longer, maintains its natural color and aroma, and has more intact leaves.

With each bale divided into many easy-to-feed portions, Brown’s® hay bales are different from any other. Once the tie strings are cut, each portion easily comes apart for neat and easy feeding. Plus, each square, layered portion is sized right for small-animal hay mangers, so the feeding process is more hygienic. It also means there’s less waste with Brown’s® Timothy Hay Bale—your small animal will eat more of the feed, so it saves you money, too!

• Divides Into Easy-To-Feed Layers
• Less Mess & Waste than Standard Hay Bales
• A Better Choice of Fiber than Alfalfa Hay
• Double Compressed Bales Stay Fresh Longer


Timothy Grass Hay

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min) 7.0% Crude Fat (min) 1.0% Crude Fiber (max) 33.0% Moisture (max) 15.0%

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