With warmer weather offering the promise of suntanned skin and more time spent with family, there is also the promise of mosquitos. Living in the south guarantees these pests to find a place in your summer schedule, but there are numerous ways to spend time outdoors without the irritation of these bugs. Depending on where and when you are using certain products will make all the difference.

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     When staying in your own backyard there are many different ways to treat your yard. One of the simplest methods will be the Spartan Mosquito eradicator products. These easy to use hanging treatments will last up to a month in your yard ensuring the protection of both you and your family. Another option to consider is a granular treatment labeled Talstar. The twenty-five-pound bag of granular will treat army worms, mosquitos, ants, and many other pests in your backyard all with the simple spreading and water-in application. 

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        For the more spur of the moment trips, there a few different options on which sprays to use. All spray options are similar in their purpose but mainly vary in whether or not they contain DEET. DEET is a chemical common in bug sprays all across the nation. While it is FDA approved and oftentimes recommended as the most effective option, there has been many debates over the safety of said chemical when used on those with sensitive skin. (This is especially true when discussing young children.) Whichever method you choose to use, there are aerosol and spray options that will effectively keep mosquitoes off of your skin. 


     For indoor usage such as shooting houses, greenhouses, shops, and even in your home there is one recommendation above all: the mosquito and fly automatic sprayer. With dispensers as a one-time purchase and refillable bottles on hand, these dispensers that are scent free and indoor safe are a no brainer.

No matter how you decide to spend your summer, consider the severe affects mosquitoes can bring into your life. Protect both family and friends throughout this season from harmful diseases mosquitos can bring in whatever way you find best. 





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